LUMINEX in Downtown LA

Last night! ✨LUMINEX in downtown LA. Now Art pulled off the Herculean and visionary feat of projecting artworks by me, Refik Anadol, Sarah Rara, Carol Kim, Akiko Yamashita, and Luciana Abait on massive walls within a few city blocks. It was electrifying to see such a broad range of people on the street (mostly masked!) engaging with the works now that more and more people have been vaccinated. I realized how desperately I miss public events- and the wild range of conversations these artworks provoke.

Massive thanks to my brilliant sound collaborator Anna Luisa Petrisko who created the soundscape for this experience (swipe left for the unadulterated version) and Drive Studios for being as usual the best production team ever. And 🙏🙏 🙌 to Carmen, Chelsea, Dakota Peterson & our generous sponsors!

Pictured: Hollow Point 101, VR drawing. Sound design and collab: Anna Luisa Petrisko

My statement: Created in response to what felt like an expanding moment of high impact shattering – culturally, politically, environmentally – Hollow Point 101 represents an origin and an ongoing destination. Time has since collapsed as the surveillance economy has expanded, disinformation campaigns have seeded countless fractured realities, and inequalities have grown in extremity. Against this backdrop, my hope is that Hollow Point 101, as both a mirror and a portal, will be experienced through the intimacy of visceral intuition, prompting a reconsideration of time, space, and civic engagement.