Feature in The Art Newspaper May 7, 2021

The Art Newspaper, Contract Killers: artist Nancy Baker Cahill challenges the efficacy of the 'smart contracts' behind NFTs with an augmented reality project, Daniel Cassady, May 7th, 2021

Excited to share this thoughtful piece by Daniel Cassady about ‘Contract Killers,’ an ecologically responsible NFT collaboration and series of AR interventions focused on accountability of all kinds- dropping May 18th on Snarkart. So much research and effort went into this and I’m so grateful to my collaborators: art attorney Sarah Odenkirk, Hesse McGraw, Director of the Contemporary Arts Museum Houston, Mischa Libman at Snark and of course @tezos for its Proof of Stake blockchain.

I’m genuinely excited about what blockchain offers and while critical, this project is a hopeful and constructive one. What does accountability mean in this new space and in the shared spaces in which we co-exist? Hoping we can build stronger and more equitable social and smart contracts to protect the most vulnerable among us.