'Contract Killers' NFT project featured at Francisco Carolinum Museum in Linz, Austria

Next week in Linz, Austria! 🌍 I’m so thrilled to be exhibiting ‘Contract Killers’ in the (historic!) first museum show dedicated to the history of NFTs. Fantastic company to be in. Yay to my project collaborators Sarah Odenkirk, Hesse McGraw, and Misha Libman.


Francisco Carolinum presents PROOF OF ART, the world's first museum exhibition on the history of NFTs in art, curated by Jesse Damiani. The show can be viewed offline in the museum, and online in Cryptovoxels, a blockchain-based virtual world. Works of 25 artists will be on display at the museum. Using the media of projection, software, videos, installations and digital files, they explore systems of meaning and value, examine the role artists play in a high-tech environment, and discuss the impact of virtual spaces on our everyday reality. The exhibition space in Cryptovoxels will feature virtual works by around 25 artists.

Leaving aside the hype surrounding NFTs, these are, above all, a technology designed to solve a problem: the overabundance of digital files, which can be downloaded, compressed, copied, shared and merged. A NFT, on the other hand, is a certificate of authenticity for each digital file that is stored in the blockchain, thus rendering these files unique. NFTs also function as digital signatures of artists.

📅 The exhibition is on view at the Francisco Carolinum Linz from June 10 to September 15.

In cooperation with Schönherr Rechtsanwälte GmbH.