'Contract Killers' featured in LAWeekly

Loved chatting with Shana about ‘Contract Killers’ and so pleased to share space with innovator/curator Lady Phoenix and the works of so many insanely talented friends - Auriea Harvey, Tamiko Thiel and Sutu. “There’s no shortage of conversations both on and off Clubhouse about NFTs and cryptoart. But the most urgent, and the most interesting, are not the conversations about money. Rather, they are the ones around professional and creative freedom, access and inclusion. The cryptoverse is a promised utopia, an antidote to the ivory tower, market-driven art world with its well-documented preference for work made by white men. Cryptoart is meant to be a setting where every viewer/collector is on a level playing field regardless of fluency in artspeak, and every artist is properly rewarded for their talents. So far though, it hasn’t fully turned out that way”— the always brilliant and insightful Shana Nys Dambrot in the latest LAWeekly. Link: Is the Cryptoart Space the Utopia we Were Promised?